Notching Pins with a Dremel Stylus

dremel-stylusToday I used a new rotary tool for the notching: a Dremel Stylus. (Model # 1100-01, which is the only model of stylus available from Dremel, as far as I know…)

The verdict: I love it. In the above picture, you can see how small it is, with the bowed psaltery that I’ve just been working on in the background. What you probably can’t see in the picture is the perfect notches on that psaltery that were just cut with the Stylus.

The Dremel Stylus is small, lightweight, and well-balanced. I really like how much control it gives me in doing fine detail work like this. The variable speed is a plus too, though I’ll mostly be using it at full speed anyway.

I now own 5 different rotary tools, both corded and cordless, from Dremel, B & D, and Ryobi. This new one is without a doubt my favorite. About the only thing that I don’t think the stylus would be superior at is in very heavy/rough work, which is when I will bring out a corded tool; but in almost all other regards, I find it excellent.

I think one of the biggest advantages in a tool like this is the lithium ion battery. These new generation batteries run longer, and are much lighter than traditional NiCad or NiMH batteries. They also stay charged longer between uses, and can be charged in the middle of a cycle – IE before the battery is dead, or after only slight use. I really like the fact that this Dremel comes with a charging cradle, and since the battery can be charged at any time, it basically ensures that whenever I pick the tool up, it’s ready to go.

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