Tips and Tools

This section contains tool reviews, advanced building tips, and/or other random thoughts or information that wouldn’t fit neatly into any other category on the site.

Abralon Sanding Discs

Bosch PS30 Cordless Drill Review

Complete Phantasy Psaltery Gallery

Custom Tuning Wrenches

DIY Edge Sander

Excellent Online Tuner

Glass Bowed Psalteries?

Gluing on the Binding

How to Replace a Broken String

Impedance Versus Dampening

Laser Cut Roses

Leveling Bridges

Making a Carbon Filter ShopVac Extension

Microplane Sanding Discs

Miniature Table Saw

Mother of Pearl Rosette Strip

Notching Pins with a Dremel Stylus

Performax 16-32 Drum Sander

Pore Filling Cocobolo with CA Glue

Psaltery Weight

Sandpaper: A Brief Overview

Standoffs for Finishing Psalteries

Tuning Pin Jig

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