Psaltery Gallery

Below is a gallery of psalteries that I made from approximately 2007 to 2010. 

My first four psalteries could be considered experiments in trial and error!

  • 001: My first was for personal use, and was painted plywood.
  • 002: Very similar to 006, but I was getting the bugs worked out on variable hitch pin spacing, and it was never playable. No pictures available.
  • 003: Very similar to 012, but my veneering skills weren’t up to par at the time, and the instrument was given to charity. Only one picture available.
  • 004: An experimental glass-topped psaltery for which I have no pictures.
005: Western Red Cedar, Birdseye Maple veneer, Leopardwood trim, Paua shell accents    
005 005b 005r 005s
006: Sitka Spruce, Curly Maple veneer, Black Walnut trim
 006  006b    
007: Sitka Spruce, Curly Maple quad-matched veneer, Black Walnut trim, tiered rose
 007  007b  007c  007r
008: Western Red Cedar, Black Walnut burl veneer, Padauk trim    
 008  008b  008s  008v
009: Sitka Spruce, Honduran Rosewood, Curly Maple trim
 009  009b  009c  009t
010: Western Red Cedar, Padauk and Figured Maple   
 010  010b  010i  010i2
011: Curly Redwood, Bloodwood, Yellowheart trim
011  011b     
012: Western Red Cedar, Quilted Sapele veneer, Padauk trim
012 012b    
013: Curly Redwood, Merbau (aka a “psimple psaltery”)
 The Bowed Psaltery  finish    
014: Western Red Cedar, Carpathian Elm burl veneer, Zebrawood veneer, Cocobolo trim
 014  014b  014s  014v
015: Sitka Spruce, Purpleheart, Holly
 015  015b  015n  015r
016: Sitka Spruce, Honduran Rosewood, Ebony trim 
 016  016b    
017: Sitka Spruce, Curly Maple, Black Walnut trim    
 017  017b  017s  
018: Curly Redwood, Cocobolo, Verawood trim
 018  018b  018b2  018r
019: African Mahogany, Zebrawood, Bloodwood trim
 019  019b  019r  
020: Sitka Spruce, Quilted Maple, Purpleheart trim    
 020  020b  020s  
021: Sitka Spruce, Quilted Maple (dyed blue), Curly Maple, Mother of pearl rosette
 021  021b  021n  021r
022: Western Red Cedar, Black Cherry
 022  022b  022r  
023: Sitka Spruce, Black Walnut, Hard Maple trim
 023  023b    
024: Western Red Cedar, Padauk, Curly Maple trim
 024  024b    
025: Honduran Mahogany, Cocobolo, Ebony trim
025 025b 025r  
026: Western Red Cedar, Black Cherry, Honduran Rosewood trim
026 026b 026r 026s
027: Sitka Spruce, Wenge, Yellowheart trim
027 027b 027r 027t
028: Western Red Cedar, Curly Olive Ash, Padauk trim
028 028b 028r 028s
029: Western Red Cedar, Padauk, Ebony, Yellowheart, and Bloodwood trim
029 029b 029c 029t
030: Honduran Mahogany, Zebrawood, Bloodwood trim
030 030b    
031: Sitka Spruce, Curly Maple (dyed green), Black Walnut trim
031 031b 031r 031s
032: Sitka Spruce, Quilted Maple, Purpleheart trim
032 032b 032r 032t
033: Honduran Mahogany, Cocobolo, Musk burl veneer, Verawood trim
033 033b 033s  
034: Curly Redwood, Canarywood, Snakewood trim
034 034b 034c  
035: Curly Maple, Black Walnut trim
035 035b    
036: Sitka Spruce, East Indian Rosewood, Bloodwood trim
036 036b 036r 036t
037: Douglas Fir, Curly White Oak, Black Walnut trim
037 037b 037r 037t
038: Sitka Spruce, Purpleheart
038 038b    
039: Curly Redwood, Figured Redwood, Hard Maple
039 039b 039r 039t
040: Curly Redwood, Cocobolo, Yellowheart
040 040b 040r 040t
041: Sitka Spruce, Quilted Maple, Purpleheart, Pink Ivory, and Curly Maple trim
041 041b 041n 041s
042: Honduran Mahogany, Cocobolo
042 042b 042r 042t
043: Sitka Spruce, Honduran Rosewood, Purpleheart trim
043 043b 043r 043t
044: Built as replacement for # 022; no pictures available.    
045: Douglas Fir, Cocobolo, Bloodwood trim
 045  045b  045r  045t
046: Mango, Myrtle, Cocobolo trim
 046  046b  046c  046t
047: Western Red Cedar, Honduran Rosewood, Bloodwood trim
 047  047b  047c  047r
048: Douglas Fir, Figured Cherry, Verawood trim
 048  048b  048c  
049: Sitka Spruce, Chechen, Ebony, (with inlaid fossilized Ammonites)
 049  049t  049b  
050: Curly Redwood, Wenge, Curly Maple trim
 050  050b  050c  050s
051: Sitka Spruce, Curly Maple, Musk burl veneer, Pink Ivory, Purpleheart trim
 051  051b  051n  051t
052: Sitka Spruce, Black Walnut, Curly Maple trim
 052  052b  052m  052t
053: Sitka Spruce, Black Walnut, Curly Maple trim
 053  053b  053r  053t
054: Sitka Spruce, Macassar Ebony, Curly Ovangkol trim
 054  054b  054r  054t
055: Sitka Spruce, Box Elder, Padauk trim
 055  055b  055r  055t
056: Western Red Cedar, Curly Honduran Mahogany, Padauk trim
 056  056b    
057: Honduran Mahogany, Black Cherry, Padauk trim
 057  057b    
058: Douglas Fir, Curly White Oak, Lacewood trim
 058  058b  058n  058r
059: Sitka Spruce, Curly Maple, Holly, Purpleheart trim
059 059b 059r 059t
060: African Mahogany, Curly Olive Ash, Bloodwood trim
060 060b 060r 060t
061: Sitka Spruce, Myrtle, Black Walnut trim
061 061b 061r 061t
062: Curly Redwood, Chechen, Bloodwood, Yellowheart trim
062 062b 062r 062t
063: Sitka Spruce, Bocote, Curly Ovangol trim
063 063b 063r 063t
064: Sitka Spruce, Curly Ovangkol, Cocobolo trim
064 064b 064r 064t
065: African Mahogany, Curly Olive Ash, Bloodwood trim
065 065b 065n 065r
066: African Mahogany, Curly Olive Ash, Bloodwood trim
066 066b 066r 066t
067: African Mahogany, Curly Olive Ash, Snakewood trim
067 067b 067r 067t
068: Curly Redwood, Figured Bubinga, Curly Maple trim
068 068b 068n 068t
069: Sitka Spruce, Curly Maple, Black Walnut trim
069 069b    
070: Curly Redwood, Chechen, Padauk, Yellowheart trim
070 070b 070n 070t
071: African Mahogany, Buckthorn, Padauk trim
071 071b 071c 071t
072: Curly Redwood, East Indian Rosewood, Ebony trim
072 072b    
073: Sitka Spruce, Cocobolo, Purpleheart trim
073 073b 073c 073r
074: Sitka Spruce, Quilted Maple, Purpleheart trim
074 074b    
075: Sitka Spruce, Canarywood, Bloodwood trim
075 075b    
 076: African Mahogany, Figured Padauk, Cocobolo trim
076 076b  076u   
077: Western Red Cedar, Padauk, Ebony, Yellowheart, and Bloodwood trim
077 077b    
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Terry Elefritz
Terry Elefritz
3 years ago

Absolutely Beautiful!